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About Our Clinic

Enhancing Beauty, Empowering Confidence

At COSMEDIC, under the esteemed guidance of Dr Lerissa Chetty, we believe in more than just cosmetic treatments; we believe in the art of enhancing your inherent beauty. Our approach marries the precision of advanced aesthetic medicine with the natural allure of individual elegance. Here, every treatment is a homage to your unique beauty narrative.

Qualifications & Experience


University of Witwatersrand

At 18, Dr Chetty embarked on the 6-year-long journey towards a medical degree at the prestigious Medical School of the University of Witwatersrand. With a love for the intricacies of the human body and the nuances in form that make us all unique, her passion was fuelled in the dissection labs and through her rotations through the various surgical disciplines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in 2013, whereafter she served 8 years working in the South African state sector.


Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine
Foundation for Professional Development

With a clear idea of her ambitions in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, Dr Chetty embarked on studying towards this in 2016 and went on to complete numerous local and international courses in cosmetic dermatology, anti-ageing medicine, weight management and sexual rejuvenation. She was then accepted to advance her studies, completing her postgraduate qualification in Aesthetic Medicine with a cum laude pass.


- Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine Society of South Africa (AAMSSA)
- Complications in Medical Aesthetic Collaberative (CMAC)
- Cellular Medicine Association (CMA)

Dr Chetty stays abreast of all developments within her field by attending an array of South African and international seminars and workshops and training younger doctors on techniques that she has honed over the years. Within her role as a trainer and key opinion leader for various medical aesthetic companies, she continues to advance within this ever-evolving and avant-garde field of aesthetic medicine

Beauty in Balance

Founded by Dr. Lerissa Chetty, a trailblazer in cosmetic science, COSMEDIC was conceived from a straightforward yet potent belief: true beauty thrives in balance in a world rife with extreme beauty solutions, COSMEDIC charted a distinct path. We believe in enhancing natural elegance without overshadowing it.


Our methodology melds precision with passion. At COSMEDIC, beauty isn't solely about aesthetics—it's about feeling genuinely yourself. Guided by our Academic Alchemist philosophy, we celebrate individuality and embrace the perfect balance between science and nature.


Join us in reshaping beauty, where balance is the ultimate hallmark of confidence and self-love.

Our Clinic

Beauty in Balance, Precision in Practice.


Get To
Know Us

At COSMEDIC, our values balance the mastery of beauty with scientific precision, guiding us to provide personalised and empathetic care that enhances your natural elegance.


Expertise & Growth - We are dedicated learners.

Constant evolution and expertise lie at the heart of our promise. Our commitment to mastering aesthetic medicine is unfaltering, and we ensure that we not only stay abreast of advancements but also play a part in pioneering them. Our drive ensures that when you come to us, you're engaging with the very best in the industry.


Authentic Beauty - We celebrate you.

Our treatments are more than just enhancements – they’re affirmations of individual beauty. We believe in the potent allure of authenticity and craft outcomes that amplify your natural grace without making it look overdone. At COSMEDIC, the spotlight is always on your innate beauty.


Trustworthy Care - Your well-being is our compass.

Our patients entrust us with their aspirations, and we don't take that lightly. We're transparent, always prioritizing results and well-being over profits. With every treatment, we become the reliable guardians of your beauty and health.


Holistic Approach - Beauty is more than skin deep.

We see beauty as a harmonious play of external treatments and internal wellness. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and medical precision, ensuring that our treatments resonate both on the outside and from within.


Inclusive Accessibility - We welcome all stories.

Our doors are always open, our ears always ready to listen. No matter your background or beauty ideals, we tailor our treatments to resonate with you. We believe in making advanced aesthetic treatments approachable and available to everyone.

Beauty Unveiled.

We believe that everyone possesses a distinct allure, a beauty that is unique and deserves to shine brightly. Your aesthetic journey should be a reflection of your inner essence, complemented by the marvels of aesthetic medicine. It's not about transforming into someone new, but revealing the best version of yourself.

"Beauty Unveiled" embodies the idea that beneath layers, doubts, and external pressures, your true beauty awaits its moment.


At COSMEDIC, we believe you shouldn't be bound by society's restrictive definitions of beauty or by the limitations of ageing and time. 


"Beauty Unveiled" speaks to the timeless aspiration for inner and outer harmony and how our tailored aesthetic solutions guide you closer to your version of your true self. In essence, we're for less masking and more unveiling.

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