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At COSMEDIC, your journey is personal. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your unique needs and crafting treatments that align with your individual aspirations. Join us to explore a world where medical expertise meets individual care.


Unlock the secret to a youthful, refreshed appearance with our Botulinum Toxin treatments. Expertly administered by Dr Lerissa Chetty, these minimally invasive injections provide a rejuvenating solution for fine lines and wrinkles, delivering natural-looking results that epitomise grace and sophistication.

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Dr Chetty specialises in discreet facial harmonization that is as confidence-enhancing as it is gentle. Discover the wonder of skin rejuvenation, intimate optimisation and more with our Dermal Fillers. These treatments provide subtle yet significant enhancements to facial features. From restoring lost volume to sculpting desired contours, our fillers are key to achieving a harmonious, youthful appearance.


Experience the regenerative power of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments at COSMEDIC. Harnessing your body’s natural healing abilities, our PRP therapy is ideal for hair restoration, skin rejuvenation, and more, offering a holistic approach to beauty and health that is both innovative and deeply rooted in nature.


Revitalise your skin from within with our bio-stimulation treatments. These innovative procedures activate your skin’s natural regenerative processes, leading to firmer, healthier, and more radiant skin. It’s a gentle yet effective way to awaken your skin's inherent vitality.


Approach your sexual health with confidence and care. At COSMEDIC, we offer discreet, empathetic treatments for a range of female sexual health concerns. Our approach is respectful, understanding, and tailored to empower women on their journey towards optimal intimate wellness.


Designed to complement your unique lifestyle, these programmes combine nutritional expertise, lifestyle adjustments, and medical insights to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight, enhancing your overall well-being and energy levels.


At COSMEDIC, our Cosmetic Dermatology services blend medical knowledge with aesthetic finesse. From acne treatments to skin resurfacing, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address various skin concerns, prioritising your skin’s health and your personal aesthetic goals.

Dr Chetty is remarkable. Excellent work ethic, procedures are well explained to patients with adequate consent taken. It was a pleasure to see her in action with impressive dr-patient interaction. She has a smooth execution with the different procedures and ensures a satisfactory and neat job is done. Delightful and insightful experience.

Lerissa spent time explaining the pros and cons of the process. Her knowledge and passion was extremely comforting and professional. See you in 3 months! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...Hence the 5 stars

Five star experience! Everything was fantastic, from the time I entered her rooms until I left. I've battled with acne scarring for a number of years and Dr Chetty has been the only person that's been able to help me and I've seen the most incredible results. I am so beyond happy with the results and so thankful to Dr Chetty for her time and all her help.

Elevating natural elegance.


1 / How Quickly Will I See Results?

The time frame for seeing results varies depending on the treatment. Some may show immediate effects, while others require a few weeks. We'll discuss expected timelines during your consultation.

2 / Is the Treatment Painful?

Most treatments involve minimal discomfort. We prioritize your comfort and can discuss pain management options for more sensitive procedures.

3 / How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions depends on your individual goals and the treatment type. We'll provide a personalised plan during your initial consultation.

4 / What Does The Treatment Entail? 

Each treatment is unique but generally includes a consultation, the treatment procedure itself, and a follow-up plan. We ensure a comprehensive approach for optimal care.

5 / Are There Any Side Effects of The Treatments?

Side effects, if any, are typically minor and short-lived. We'll discuss all potential side effects and aftercare instructions with you in detail ahead of your treatment.

6 / What Conditions Do You Treat? 

We treat a range of conditions including acne, signs of ageing, pigmentation, scarring, hair loss, weight management issues, and female sexual health concerns. Read more here.


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