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Let's Talk Vitality 

Welcome to a new era of holistic health with COSMEDIC’s Weight Management and Vitality programmes. Tailored to your individual needs, these plans are not just about weight loss but about enhancing your overall well-being and energy. Under Dr Lerissa Chetty’s guidance, discover a balanced approach to achieving and maintaining your optimal health.


At COSMEDIC, we believe in a comprehensive approach to weight management and vitality. Our programmes are a fusion of medical expertise, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle modifications designed to empower you with sustainable health and wellness habits. Dr Chetty’s personalised plans are crafted to align with your unique body, lifestyle, and wellness goals.

Best Suited to...

Our Weight Management and Vitality programmes are ideal for anyone seeking to improve their overall health, lose weight sustainably, and increase their energy levels. These programmes are particularly beneficial for those looking for a holistic approach to health that goes beyond traditional dieting.



Achieve and maintain your ideal weight through tailored plans that fit your lifestyle.


Increased energy and stamina, enhancing your daily productivity and mood.


Better sleep, reduced stress, and improved metabolic health.


Make informed choices about your health and well-being.

Treatment Process

 Is This Right For You?

After the consultation, Dr Chetty will advise you on which treatment option would be best suited to you.

Treatment options include:

- hormone balancing for optimising weight control

- a customised prescription based on your physiological requirements consisting of tablets and/or injections

- a non-surgical swallowable gastric balloon


Looking to Improve Overall Health

Ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their general well-being, not just specific aesthetic concerns.


Seeking Personalised Health Strategies

This procees is best for individuals who value customised approaches tailored to their unique health profiles.


Ready for Lifestyle Changes

Suitable for those committed to adjusting their diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits as part of the programme


Aiming for Long-Term Health Benefits

Perfect for those dedicated to achieving and maintaining lasting improvements in their vitality and wellness.


1 / How Quickly Will I See Results?

Results vary but are often noticeable within a few weeks, with gradual improvements over time.

2 / Will I need to follow a strict diet?

Very rarely will a diet be prescribed; however, healthy habits are always encouraged.

3 / Is exercise a compulsory part of the programme?

Physical activity is encouraged, but we tailor exercise recommendations to your fitness level and lifestyle.

4 / How is this programme different from regular diet plans?

COSMEDIC’s programmes are holistic, addressing not just weight but overall health and vitality.

5 / Will I receive ongoing support throughout the programme?

If you join the Allurion Weight Loss Program, you will be given a smart scale and access to the Allurion App. Your tracking is automatically synced in your app, and the COSMEDIC team can track your progress. You will regularly receive helpful content, messages from the COSMEDIC team and feedback on your weight, activity and sleep progress.

6 / Can the programme be adjusted over time?

Absolutely, we regularly review and adjust your plan to ensure it remains effective and enjoyable.

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